water-sparying mop

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  • 360 water spray mop microfiber spraying flat mop
    360 water spray mop microfiber spraying flat mop
    -A quicker, more effective and easier to remove heavy duty dirt, grease and grime from your floors with this microfiber spray mop.-The microfiber pad traps and lifts away in dirt and grime, providing a cleaning experience.-The large swivel head can reach into those awkward hard to reach corners easily for a more convenient cleaning.-Suitable for Hardwood, Wood, Vinyl, Ceramic, Concrete, Tiles Laminate floors. -Microfiber pad is machine washable and reusable.-The quality metal pole construction is sturdy, reliable and durable. -This floor mop with integrated spray can clean with simple water in a cold steam pattern, or add any cleaning solution.-Makes mopping floor much easier and more enjoyable! 
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