360° Triangular Mop

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  • 360° Triangular Mop Foldable Water Squeezing Mop
    360° Triangular Mop Foldable Water Squeezing Mop
    -Cleaning mop with 360° rotatable triangular head can easily clean any corner, including dead ends and deep gaps.-Triangular mop has push and pull automatic water squeezing function. With a gentle push and pull, it will squeeze water out of the mop head, drying quickly, saving time and labor. -The microfiber mop pad is soft and flexible, won't scratch the floor or walls, can clean dirt and dust effectively, with super strong water absorption, perfect for wet cleaning, not easy to shed hair.- Can be used as a daily floor and wall cleaning tool, also suitable for cleaning bathtubs, toilet surfaces and backs, mirrors, glass, tile walls, cabinet bottoms, wash cars, wipe windows and more.
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