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  • Huadi 2 in 1 Rubber Floor Squeegee Rubber Broom  Floor Cleaning Brush
    Huadi 2 in 1 Rubber Floor Squeegee Rubber Broom Floor Cleaning Brush
    -The broom can be used for a number of tasks. The built-in squeegee for cleaning window or spills, works great to wipe away liquid spills on tile, concrete, or any hardwood surface such as patio decks or interior flooring. -Simply wash the rubber broom bristles in soapy water to sanitize and renew. The rubber is easy to clean and requires little maintenance so your broom will last for years to come.-The telescopic handle can be extended to the desired length and tightened accordingly, max length of handle 120cm. -Rubber head will not harbour germs and bacteria. Easy to clean and hygienic. Like a magnet to catch cat and dog hair on the carpet, helping to remove the hair embedded in the carpet, 
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