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  • Microfiber cleaning Triangle mop with extendable handle
    Microfiber cleaning Triangle mop with extendable handle
    - The ergonomic triangle shape allows  to clean deep into the corners of the room and easily pull out any trapped dirt or dust. - Suitable for all hard floors, it has powerful cleaning action and enables to clean quickly with no streaks or residue left behind.- With a machine-washable head that can easily be removed, the mop head is highly absorbent which locks in dirt and grime effectively.- With a long telescopic metal handle enable it works without bending down. The metal handle extends up to 120cm. 
  • Extendable Flat Microfibre Floor Mop Set Dust Mop
    Extendable Flat Microfibre Floor Mop Set Dust Mop
    -The Flat Microfibre Floor Mop is for wet cleaning dry dusting .The striped microfibre pads with nylon material to grasp dirt easily. -Mop pad is machine washable and environmentally friendly. -Microfibre mop with 360° rotating mop head for easily cleaning under and around furniture and cabinets; reaches into tight spaces..-Our cleaning mop has an adjustable pole, which is convenient for your different needs. Strong Metal pole does not easily rust and is durable. -This flat mop can be used for wooden floors, hardwood, tile, laminate and more floors. 
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